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Our agency offers a wide range of services to assist our clients in renting, buying and selling residential property. Every day our office receives a lot of new listings in great locations, and our agents show dozens of apartments, cottages and other lodging.

Rent property in Moscow in Russia with us! We will provide you with complete legal support for any transaction carrying out a comprehensive paperwork and assisting you in registering tenancy contracts. Landmark Real Estate agency will be delighted to assist and guide you though all the nuances including legal and tax implications in buy and sale deals. We will be happy to consult you on your particular situation, answer any question about buying or selling accomodation and offer professional guidance through the entire process.

Realty in Moscow

1-rooms flat, Kitajgorodskij driveway, Tverskoj

Price - 190000 USD. / 1-rooms in region Tverskoy

In sale 1 rooms flat, 4-floor 7-floors on Kitajgorodskij driveway st. Region Tverskoj. Apartment was repairing for youself, all documents is valid.
S fullsize. – 41 m. romms size – 19 m; kitchen – 8 m. Flat warm, summer in the apartment cool, warm in winter, panel house. Comfortable side.
Flat after repair.
The walls are lined, painted. Tubes was replace to plastic. Rooms are parquet, kitchem are ceramic tile. Furniture reserve new owners. Read more

1-rooms flat, Raushskij 1-j lane, Zamoskvoreche

Price - 130000 USD. / 1-rooms in region Zamoskvoreche

In sale 1 rooms flat, 6/8 on Raushskij 1-j lane st. Region Zamoskvoreche. Individual planing.
Full size flat – 51 m. romms size – 14 m; kitchen – 17 m. Light side. Flat clear, outside insulated, brick house. Heating is gaz
Repair is cosmetic.
Setup new tubes modern. With furniture in rooms. Parquet in rooms. Read more

4-rooms flat, Srednij Tishinskij lane, Presnenskij

Price - 392000 USD. / 4-rooms in region Presnenskiy

Sell 4 rs flat, 11/16 on Srednij Tishinskij lane st. Region Presnenskij. Interesting planing.
Apartment light, summer in the apartment cool, warm in winter, panel house. Autonomous heating S fullsize. – 104 m. romms size – 75 m; kitchen – 16 m. Comfortable side.
Status residential.
Laminate floor. Setup new tubes modern. Sometimes rooms with furniture. Read more

2-rooms flat, Presnenskij lane, Presnenskij

Price - 198000 USD. / 2-rooms in region Presnenskiy

Sell 2 room flat, 20-floor 20-floors on Presnenskij lane st. Region Presnenskij. Original planing.
North side. S fullsize. – 64 m. romms size – 30 m; kitchen – 17 m. Rooms comfy, insulated, monolithic house. Heating is gaz
Medium repair.
New tubes. Sometimes rooms with furniture. Laminate floor. Read more

2-rooms flat, Bolshaja Nikitskaja street, Arbat

Price - 190000 USD. / 2-rooms in region Arbat

Sell 2 rs flat, 2-floor 13-floors on Bolshaja Nikitskaja street st. Region Arbat. Individual planing.
Apartment light, summer in the apartment cool, warm in winter, monolithic house. Heating is individual S fullsize. – 64 m. romms size – 37 m; kitchen – 12 m. East side.
Flat after repair.
With furniture in rooms. The walls are lined, painted. Parquet in rooms. Tubes was replace. Read more